Case Study - Columbia, Louisiana Compressor Building Retrofit
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Case Study - Industrial Building Retrofit

Case Study - Columbia, Louisiana Compressor Building Retrofit

Louisiana Compressor Building Retrofit

USSI, not only constructs new Industrial Buildings, but also often manages and provides material and installation for the modification or Retrofitting of existing Industrial buildings. Retrofitting can, not only provide for an enhanced energy efficient building envelope, but also can allow for improved sound attenuation on existing structures.

This Retrofit project in Columbia Louisiana is an existing 5000 square foot Compressor Building which was originally designed to house an older turbine compressor scheduled for replacement. USSI replaced the existing crane with a new 10-ton single girder top running electric bridge crane. The existing Transite siding required the owner to perform a special abatement process due to the existence of asbestos. USSI replaced all of the roof and wall panels along with the required sub framing, provided new doors, and removed all of the existing windows. The USSI exterior wall design accommodated the existing wiring and piping systems already in place. USSI also provided a new acoustically treated ventilation system consisting of 8 wall louvers and 4 powered roof ventilators.

USSI Scope of Work and Project Highlights:

  • 5,000 square foot retrofit?
  • USSI provided sub framing and re-skin of existing structure
  • 22g PBR roof and wall panels with 26g perforated liner panel
  • Replaced 6” - 8# Mineral Wool insulation
  • Installed new 10-ton single girder top running crane
  • Asbestos abatement of existing Transite wall panel system
  • Installed new roof and wall panels, insulation, liner panels, walk doors, wall louvers and powered roof ventilators

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