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Industrial Buildings
and Industrial Building Noise Control

sound science

USSI prides itself in a philosophy based on customer relationships. With each customer, we work to establish long-lasting connections built on trust, ingenuity, and partnerships.

Retrofitting and Noise Control of Compressor Buildings

upgrade a building to the latest

developments in noise control

Using the highest quality, economical, commercially available construction materials; expertly applied to solve your noise control problems

Engineering and Planning

Our roots are in building engineering,

construction, and acoustic technology.

Erector Partner Program

to partner jointly with your company

on your next project - more info

United Steel Structures is the leader in the design, supply and erection of Industrial Buildings and Industrial Building Noise Control that includes: compressor buildings; pump buildings; turbine buildings; acoustic equipment buildings; and many others servicing these industries:

  • Natural Gas and Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Natural Gas Storage Facilities
  • Interstate and Intrastate Oil and Gas Pipelines

  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Power and Energy

Industrial Building Construction and Retrofitting

United Steel Structures is a world-class construction organization servicing the oil and gas, power generation, and heavy industrial sectors for more than 40 years. United Steel Structures has the highest standard of project management, engineering, fabrication, and construction services available for industrial buildings.

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Solving Noise Issues

United Steel Structures is an innovator in industrial acoustic design and we have developed a broad base of noise control expertise. Our state of the art analysis and testing has created more than 25 different types of noise control solutions.

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